Fremont County, Iowa
School Election  September 13, 2005
Total Number Voting  668        

Precincts Reporting  5 of 5 100%    

Farragut Director District 2 
Kelly Carey 3 100%
Farragut Director District 3  ( No Declared Candidate)
Staci Scroggie (Write In) 9  90%
Farragut Director District 4 
Diane Dee Owen 7 100%
Farragut Merged Area XIII Director District 1
Monty Boswell 19 100%
Fremont-Mills Director District 1
Denise Anderson 58 100%
Fremont-Mills Director District 4
Keith Barber 58 100%
Hamburg Director At Large (Elect 2)
Daniel Aspedon 138 19.91%
Charles Dovel 211 30.22%
Mary Ann Gregg 178 25.28%
James E. Lechner 170 24.15%
Sidney Director at Large 
Jason Holt 107 49.76%
Janet L. Teten (Declared Winner by Draw) 107 49.76%
Public Measure A (Sidney)
Yes 130 66.03%
No   72 33.96%
Precinct Status Report Total
Absentee Ballots    6
001 Farragut 25
002 Fremont Mills  61
003 Hamburg 363
004 Sidney SN 188
005 Sidney BN 25
Total of all Precincts 668

Minutes of Canvass for 2005 School Election

September 16, 2005:

The Fremont County Board of Supervisors met on Friday, September 16, 2005, in the Fremont County Courthouse, Boardroom, with Aistrope, Whipple and Larson present. A quorum was declared and the meeting officially called to order at 8:00 a.m.

At 8:00 a.m. the Board of Supervisors, concurring with the County Auditor, held the official canvass of votes cast in the September 13, 2005 School Election. Supervisors Aistrope, Whipple and Larson were present. County Auditor Joan Kirk, Georgene Peeler, Trisha Holt, Arnold Emberton and Clara Jean Gude were present. Motion was made by Whipple to declare the following elected. Aistrope, aye; Whipple, aye; Larson, aye.

Farragut Community School – Kelly Carey, Farragut Direct District 2 (3 votes); Staci Scroggie, Farragut Director District 3 (write in) (9 votes); Diane Dee Owen, Farragut Director District 4 (7 votes).

Farragut Merged Area XIII Director District 1 – Monty Boswell (19 votes).

Fremont-Mills School – Denise Anderson, Fremont-Mills School Director District 1 (58 votes); Keith Barber, Fremont-Mills School Director District 4 (58 votes).

Hamburg Community School – Daniel Aspedon, Hamburg School Director At Large, (141 votes); Charles Dovel, Hamburg School Director At Large, (214 votes); Mary Ann Gregg, Hamburg School Director At Large, (179 votes); James E. Lechner, Hamburg School Director At Large, (171 votes).

Sidney Community School – Jason Holt, Sidney School Director At Large (107 votes); Janet Teten, Sidney School Director At Large (107 votes); Chairman of the Board, David Aistrope, drew Teten’s name out of the hat to break the tie. Public Measure A (140 votes FOR) and (72 votes AGAINST) - to authorize for a period of ten (10) years to levy and impose an Instructional Support Tax.

There being no further business, motion for adjournment was made.


Fremont County Auditor                                                                                     David Aistrope, Chairman