Fremont County Supervisors
                                                        2020 Resolutions

  January 2020  
2020-1 Resolution Appointing Randy Hickey Board Chairman and Dustin Sheldon Vice-Chairman 01/02/2020
2020-2 Resolution 2020 Committee Appointments 01/02/2020
2020-3 Resolution to Approve 2020 Regular Board Meetings 01/02/2020
2020-4 Resolution to Designate 2020 Official County Newspapers 01/02/2020
2020-5 Resolution Appointing 2020 Eminent Domain Compensation Commission 01/02/2020
2020-6 Resolution to Adopt this Construction Evaluation Resolution Pursuant to Iowa Code Section 459.304(3) 01/10/2020
2020-7 Resolution to Transfer Funds. $220.550.00 from the Debt Service Fund to the ISICS Radio Project Fund 01/17/2020
  February 2020  
2020-8 2020 Utilities as Certified to the Auditor by the Iowa State Department of Revenue and Finance be Approved, Collected, and Disposed of as Regular Taxes 02/12/2020
2020-9 Resolution Abating Taxes on Land Now Owned by City of Farragut (Parcel #420420214000000) 02/12/2020
2020-10 Resolution Approving Assistant Auditor Position for Fremont County Auditor 02/19/2020
2020-11 Resolution for Transfer of Hotel/Motel Funds from General Basic to General Basic Sub-Funds 02/26/2020
  March 2020  
2020-12 Resolution Approving the Fiscal Year 2021 Maximum Property Tax Dollars 03/04/2020
2020-13 Resolution for Zoning District Change from Agriculture to Commercial 03/11/2020
2020-14 Resolution to Accept Request for Qualification for Road Design 03/18/2020
2020-15 Resolution Local Match for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program                                                                                                                03/25/2020
2020-16 Resolution for Adoption of Budget and Certification of Taxes 03/25/2020
2020-17 Resolution for Appropriations 03/25/2020
2020-18 Resolution for Salary Recommendations for Elected Officials for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2020 03/25/2020
2020-19 Resolution Approving Deputy Sheriff Position for Fremont County Sheriff 03/25/2020
2020-20 Resolution Approving Temporary Amendments to Fremont County Policy Handbook in Response to Emergency Disaster Declaration 03/25/2020
  April 2020  
2020-21 Resolution Approving Jailer Position for Fremont County Sheriff 04/10/2020
2020-22 Resolution Approving Deputy Sheriff Position for Fremont County Sheriff 04/10/2020
2020-23 Resolution Setting Authorized Credit Cards for Departments in Accordance with Fremont County Credit Card Policy 04/22/2020
2020-24 Resolution Approving of J-10 Repair Project and County Engineer Authorization to Sign Contract Documents in Doc Express 04/22/2020
2020-25 Resolution Approving Deputy Sheriff Position for Fremont County Sheriff 04/29/2020
  May 2020  

Record of Hearing and Determination on the Budget Amendment and Change of Appropriations

  June 2020  
2020-27 Resolution Establishing FY 2020/2021 Salaries for Supervisory and Non-Union Personnel in the Secondary Road Department 06/03/2020
2020-28 Resolution for Transfer of Funds from the Rural Services Basic Fund, share of Rural Services taxes, to the Secondary Road Fund and property tax relief of local option taxes, from the Local Option Sales Tax Fund to the Secondary Road Fund.    06/03/2020
2020-29 Resolution Authorizing Auditor to Cancel Outstanding Warrants that are Over One Year Old
2020-30 Resolution Authorizing Appropriations to County Officers and Departments FY 2020/2021 06/24/2020
  July 2020