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 Fremont County
 Golf Course

 2281 US Highway 275 
 Sidney, Iowa  51652

Fremont County Golf Course

2020 Fee Schedule

Green Fees:

             Weekday:                                       Junior:

               9-Hole       $                                      9-Hole       $   
             18-Hole       $                                    18-Hole       $

             Weekend:                                       Senior:

               9-Hole       $                                      9-Hole       $
             18-Hole       $                                    18-Hole       $
**All Green Fees Include Sales Tax

                                                Cart Rental: 

 0.00 per person-9 hole                                00.00 per person 18-hole



Cart Shed Rental:

 Group     $         
 Gas         $      

Membership Payment Policy

 June 1  - All Dues & Rentals must be PAID IN FULL
                  (Memberships that are not received on or before June 1st will
                      be charged a 20.00 late fee.) 

 June 2  - All Memberships that are Unpaid will be Expected to Pay Green 
                  Fees until the Memberships Balance is Paid in Full